Spain is one of the most popular destinations for UK nationals when it comes to buying a holiday, investment or retirement property, and it’s perfectly safe to do. If you have made the decision to follow your dream and make your move to Spain then congratulations. As you can imagine, every country has their own way of doing things and Spain is no different.

This guide has been designed to help you realise your dream of buying that villa or apartment in Spain and to arm you with the necessary information to ensure you understand what is involved with property buying and property ownership in Spain.

If you are interested in requesting a guide, please click below and follow the instructions. Happy hunting!


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Covid update

We thought it was about time to update on Covid in Spain; what’s happening on the streets, in the property market and tourism. 

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We are excited to talk to Michelle Walker, married to Aaron and like a couple of trail blazers, they moved to Spain and have never looked back. These guys don’t...

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A New Concept for Max Beach

Max Beach opened its doors for the 2020 season on July 7 and to go with its spectacular views, Max Beach has unveiled its new ‘Balinese’ concept. Find out more...

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Restaurants in Spain Summer 2020

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up on restaurant reviews for obvious reasons.  As we hit mid-July 2020, Spanish restaurants are usually in full swing. Inside this article we...

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Spanish restaurants are probably the best way of getting acquainted with Spanish cuisine and food.

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